6 Tips on How to Reduce Cellulite

If you have cellulite, you are certainly one of those women who have an ardent desire to get rid of it. This is perhaps why you are searching for how to reduce cellulite. Cellulite is common but it is more common to find it unsightly and try different ways to eliminate it.

For those who wish to win over cellulite, the good news is that it is not impossible to do so. Luckily, there is no need of investing in costly lotions and tonics. For alleviating cellulite, you need to handle it the same way you would tackle body fat.

As per Mayo Clinic, strengthening muscles in the susceptible areas and losing weight are ideal ways when it comes to how to reduce cellulite appearance. Keeping this fact in mind, here are tips to alleviate cellulite:


Reduce CelluliteGo for Cardio with Interval Training

The more the heart rate, the higher is the amount of fat that burns. The best way to achieve more heart rate or pumping is interval training featuring short bursts of a high-intensity workout. Such exercises are more effective than those of low intensity going on for a longer period.

Due to high-intensity workout, carbohydrates are burned for energy but fat is burned during recovery to produce energy. In the beginning, consider taking easy workouts such as running, cycling, or climbing to reduce cellulite by burning fat.


Eat Lecithin-rich Foods

Lecithin works by redeveloping cell walls and reinforcing the connective tissue via hydration, which otherwise contributes to dehydration, dreaded dimples, toxin accumulation, water retention, and breakage. This is how the nutrient helps in minimizing cellulite.

Lecithin-rich foods help restore the potency of dermal cells and that they taste well. These foods are spinach, apples, peanuts, soy, oranges, lettuce, tofu, cauliflower, and tomatoes.


Say No to Additional Salt and Sugar

This is a must-to-follow tip when it is the matter of how to reduce cellulite. This is because it is essential for reducing the overall fat in the body. Consuming much sugar results in the storage of fat in the cells and forces them to expand. This finally results in cellulite.

Similarly, more salt intake triggers fluid retention to worsen the appearance of cottage cheese on skin. It is suggested to consume only 6 teaspoons of sugar and up to 200 mg of sodium daily.


Consume Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds improve the growth of collagen and support the right level of estrogen. Being the main component of the tissue, collagen when grows properly by strengthening the skin aids in minimizing the cellulite’s appearance. Consider having two tablespoons daily during breakfast, which can even help in preventing this skin condition.


Eat Gotu Kola Extract

Research has confirmed that the Gotu kola extract helps in reducing cellulite. The herb triggers relaxing sensation, thickens the loose skin, and boosts elasticity.


Choose Anti-Cellulite Wear

Consider wearing non-elastic undergarments that are smooth, as the elastic ones tend to exaggerate the appearance of cellulite. The non-elastic ones help in boosting the blood circulation and prevent pushing of fat for being deposited. You should even go for capri leggings designed using Delfin Spa, a comfortable material that breaks down the fat cells of cellulite.

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