Can You Get Rid of Cellulite?

Is there a single proven way to remove that bulging cottage cheese or orange peel on your body’s rear? Frankly speaking, the answer is no. However, there are a couple of treatments whose collective implementation has proven to be effective in getting rid of cellulite. Why is it so? Well, the answer for this is associated with the meaning and causes of cellulite.

Cellulite Overview

As per the studies, cellulite is a skin condition influencing 90% women and 10% men, especially in the developed and industrial countries. Women seem to have more cellulite than men due to favorable appearance and structure of collagen.

During the age between 25 and 35, cellulite starts becoming visible. As women reach their menopause, the level of estrogen begins to fall. The hormone affects the blood vessels in the sense that when its level falls, the receptors in thighs and vessels start to lose.

This results in reduced circulation and consequently alleviated nutrition as well as oxygen to the area. Even the production of collagen is reduced. At the same time, fat cells grow bigger and protrude via the collagen. Then, they turn into bumpy fat called cellulite.

Women get cellulite at the rear of buttocks, on thighs, and around knees. These are the areas where they possess three fat layers, not one.

Causes of Cellulite

There are several factors that tend to weaken collagen to invite cellulite. These are the causes, which you need to know for getting the most suitable answer to can you get rid of cellulite.


  • High Estrogen Levels: This is the common cause of frequent cellulite occurrences. Its high level not only directs additional calories to fat cells in susceptible areas but also diminishes the connective tissue.
  • Low Blood Circulation: Many experts believe that only high estrogen level is not the cause; it is also the presence of low circulation of blood to the collagen and connective tissue due to which swelling occurs. The swelling elongates the tissue, which enables the fat to jut out.
  • Fluid Preservation: This biological phenomenon occurs all over the body. Too much of it results in swelling that extends and weakens the tissue.
  • Hyperactive Lifestyle: This includes emotional stress and sedentary approach to earning, both of which also contribute to weak connective tissue.
  • High-calorie Meals: Eating a heavy and high-calorie meal also contributes to cellulite. In simple words, cellulite is nothing but a special type of fat that gets deposited in thighs, buttocks, and other rear body parts. It is not problematic to have a high-calorie meal and then work to burn them. However, sedentary lifestyle has exposed the worst side of such meals.

Remedies to Treat Cellulite

Considering the above causes, it is clear that there is no single remedy to handle cellulite. So, the most effective treatment plan is the blend internal and external remedies. It includes healthy diet to control calorie intake, exercises to regulate hormonal levels, and ointments and laser surgeries for an external shot. Surgeries might not be essential; however, exercises and healthy diet for the best treatment regimen for most women.

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